Easy payment of dues

Collection of debts and receivables quickly and safely


PayTala is a simple payment gateway that can be quickly integrated with merchant locations to collect receivables quickly and securely

Paytala is everywhere payments all the time and time

Go global selling your products whatever … anywhere, a simple and smooth payment gateway that can be integrated within minutes with your site and enable you to accept payments directly to your local bank account in your country

Accept payment of cards

Easy payment

Advanced protection

Custom pricing

Quick payment of funds


Commercial Registration is not required

             Perfect payment solutions for your knowledge

Smart Control Panel


Send invoices for payment by e-mail and SMS

Fast deposit of funds within two days directly to the local bank

Customer Support

Certificate in Security Standard

Protection against fraud


Integrate Bitala with your platform using our sophisticated and seamless APIs

Quick integration

Just a few clicks will be ready to accept payment from your customers on your store

Dealing with all major currencies

You can accept payment in all major currencies and get your money in your local currency

Request payment

You can request money from anyone who has an online email


Issue and manage your vouchers or vouchers for guidance

Protection from fraud

Our specially designed systems are designed to protect your business, focus on your product and let’s deal with the rest

Secure 3D authentication

Secure 3D authentication

Double layer protection against fraud and management

Security products to protect against attacks

99.9% fraud-free operations

Seamless and simple to connect with e-commerce


     The payment page is string and flexible

   Fast and simple integration.

Risk Protection

Easy and direct control panel.

Dynamic payment pages to get a high conversion rate on your site


Get ready to accept your payments in minutes!

The world of payments is in your hands

Create a free test account.

Create test parameters to make sure that everything is going well.

Apply for a Merchant account activation request.

Your request is approved in minutes.

You can transfer funds to your local bank account in minutes.

You can sell your products and collect funds from your customers all over the world.