OpenCart 3



This document illustrates how our gateway can be integrated with Open Cart 3 plugin in simple and easy steps. Please follow the steps in order to integrate the paytala plug-in with your Open Cart 3 website.

Download the plugin from Downlaod.

Manual Install via FTP:

Upload the content of ‘upload’ folder included in the extension zip to your OpenCart site root via FTP application.

Configure paytala Extension:

  1. Login to OpenCart Admin panel.
  2. Go to Extensions
  3. Select Payments from dropdown and locate for paytala extension.
  4. Click the Install button on right of the extension.
  5. Once installed, click the Edit or Configure button of the extension. Enter Merchant Email, Merchant ID and Secret Key.
  6. Success Order Status may be ‘Processing’ as that will help you to understand for which orders payments received.
  7. Cancel / Fail Order status should be ‘Canceled’.
  8. Status must Enabled.
  9. Sort Order may be used if you are using multiple checkout payment options and to control order of occurrence within those.
  10. Save the Configuration and go to Shop Front and try checkout.
  11. If Configuration is ok then you should see paytala payment window during payment.

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